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I say we drop the Guns pick up big foam swords and shields and LARP the next OP. I call dibs on being a Warlock!
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But really I think ammo limits are fine. And it's not like every event you go to will have these limitations. I like what Blade does and has the different series....AKA 1xx,2xx and 3xx, the 1xx is real lax and ammo limits are not a issue. 2xx and 3xx brings more milsim factors to play. Makes playing these events as real as possible.

As far as lipos go I myself use one in my KWA m4 and I will agree the ROF is a bit silly lol. But with using midcaps its not like you can go balls to the wall to long before you are out of ammo. I usually just use semi or if I do run auto i do controlled burst. I like the trigger response the lipo gives me. Does the make it less realistic maybe a tad, but for real I've used my lipo to my advantage many times. I remember one time I had a group of guys held down in a building and there was a window with a kinda plastic sheet covering it like a curtain. It was pretty thick plastic and most bb's just bounced off of it. But when I unloaded on it with the lipo the curtain swung open and I was able to get hits on 2 people standing inside the building. All in all I guess it really comes down to what you like. I've myself will only put a lipo in my kwa for that reason alone.

I think what makes Milsim more realistic is players attitudes and mindset towards the game itself. Just my 2 cents.
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