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I have one question... BB limitations? I mean, I understand the idea of mag limitations where you can only carry so many, etc. and correct me if I'm wrong here but if airsoft is a sport of honesty, and that is a fact I hope we can all agree on, then why limit the number of non-loaded BBs on someone's person? I just don't really see why it is necessary to tell someone that they can only have midcaps that can combined hold 400 rounds as well as only having 1,000 more rounds on them. Why not instead say 400 round of mags and they can only be reloaded once or twice or whatever. Maybe my understanding of the concept is wrong, but I don't see a problem with somebody carrying 15000 BBs, as long as they can only load so many. The reason I ask this question is really because it seems pointless to have to walk back to the car or staging area or whatever between games just to get more ammo that you could have been carrying. Thanks guys, and try not to hurt my feelings too much
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