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Milsim: Concept and limitations

As previously commented in this thread:

With all the new technology coming out lately and the new players joining the community, I feel that we need to review our stand on what milsim really imply and what kind of limitations are we looking for.

Some of you mentioned the need to control the Rate of Fire (ROF) while other think it would become detrimental for the event time schedule.

So here it is. Time to open the can of worms and just go at it. Please keep the topic civilized and out of flaming posts. I will ask moderators to keep a tight look on this thread so we don't derail it.

Few things you guys are more than welcome to discuss about:
- Team division (how do you create/divide the teams)
- Communication (Radio protocols and requirements)
- Referee & field officials
- team SOPs and Structures
- Magazines limitations
- BB limitations
- etc.

P.S. If you are bringing a negative aspect on the topic, I would at least expect a solution/option to fix that aspect.
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