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AAR Garrett Seaman Memorial Fundraiser

Ladies and gentlemen we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out to support us on Sunday. All of us at Dark Phoenix and R8 or H8 really appreciated the awesome sportsmanship and commeradery throughout the day.

First before I get started on the good, the bad and the ugly I want to post up some lost and found items.
1- I had someone mention that they lost a Hexmag with a Magpul, it was found.
2- I will only say a name written on the item, Noah Pyle whom ever this belongs to will know what it is.
3- appears to be a nonblow back co2 magazine no identifying markings.
4-tan magazine 30 round capacity
5-a Springer pistol
I have these 5 items in my possession contact me via PM or visitor message with a description of the item and we can arrange to get these back to you.
There were several other mags that were found that we left at Riverbottom​ on the table outside the office. I believe all but 1 or 2 had been on the feild for some time it appeared.

Now onto the AAR:
First off we know we were running behind all day even though we had a strict schedule planned out, we fell way behind right off the get go with the amazing amount of players getting there, registered and ready to chrono as quickly​ as you did. We do really appologize for that.

Onto the game play, we personally witnessed awesome sportsmanship all day. Personally I only heard a couple complaints of no hit calling and I did test the players that were pointed out and hits were called thank you for that. We do really thank everyone that had issues for not screaming at the other player and just letting us know the issues so we could handle those things ourselves.

Please post up your thoughts on the games that we played:
Battlefield Rush, Juggernaut and my devious 2 Man TDM.

I'm not sure what I can say about the DEA vs The Drug Cartel game. The Cartel put good planning and backstabbing to good order and completed most of their objectives.The DEA seemed to not totally know what to do to stop the Cartel and ended up paying the price by having their headquarters blown up.
The buyer group ended up completing almost every objective they were given as well.
I am not sure if the objectives were clear enough for all factions or not and I take full credit for that and I can gaurentee they will be for sure next year. Yes we have already decided to move forward for the 3rd annual event for next year!

Please let us know your thoughts whether they are good or bad so we can learn and grow from them. One question we have is what would you like to see for game play next year. All day open play games or all day milsim? We want the airsoft community to give us your opinions so please help us help all of you have a great time!

Again a huge Thank You to all of you that came out and congratulations to everyone that won prizes in the raffle, enjoy them and we hope to have even more great things to give away next year.
In flenners basement doing things.
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