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My tip to you would be check around ao before buying from a store. A lot of guys sell amazing guns with a lot more upgrades for cheaper than $250. I have purchased and traded with many people on here and gotten excellent looking and performing guns. I also recommend that you get a nice pair of non mesh ANSI full seal goggles. Eye protection is THE most important things in airsoft and you want a good paint of goggles. You probably have a nice paintball mask, but they fog up a lot easier and everyone hates fog. Fog can ruin an airsoft experience. For most games you will need to bring your own BBs. You can get a good bag of high quality BBs 5000 for as little as $10. you will need a red rag usually too so people know when your standing around not to light you up like a Christmas tree. On airsoft Ohio we are not aloud to post option threads about what gun we think is best because it starts flame wars. Hope you find a great starter gun! If you have any other question feel free to personal message me and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. If not some of the veterans on here will be able to.
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