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Originally Posted by Rygar View Post
If I recall correctly, didn't Wallace of Zshot offer to help fund the forum and and update to the software? If so, now would be a good time to call that in.
Offer is still out! I will pay for the new software license, that's not a problem. We've been paying for hosting already so why not make it better.

The most costly (complicated?) part is migrating to the new platform and retain whatever necessary functions that Locutus baked into the current AO. We also need to decide if it is feasible to retain / transfer the wealth of information within the current forum. I believe these information, dating back over a decade, is very valuable to the community and if at all possible I would like to maintain those.

So the question is... do we have a software guru that is willing to volunteer some personal time and migrate us to a new platform?

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