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Airsoft Ohio, the video

So i've got this assignment in my Broadcasting class, and every week or so we're supposed to turn in a news package that will fit into one of our shows that runs on the station. Well my final from last year pertained to airsoft, it was a quick thing but becuase I felt lazy coming back I decided to use it fro my first assignment becuase it's already mostly ready to air. Being the overachiever I am I aproached the host of the show Stark Sports Central and asked him if he'd be interested in watching the rough cut of my son to be package for his show, he said yes, saw the first minute and a half and wanted me to make an entire show out of Airsoft. So I am, I have Dave (big clips) coming to the station to be interviewed for the show and i got to thinking in another thread that id like to have more of you vets come and be on, I know gas is sucky expensive and I know I live in canton, but to get a good word out for the sport and maybe get something solid to show new players at events or sell in shops. I'd also like to make sure that i have all my facts right about how airsoft started and how it came here to ohio. So any suggestions or comments are welcome.

The station is located inside Timken Senior High School in Canton Ohio.

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