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Originally Posted by thebucketmouse View Post
what radio models should player be looking at to buy? obviously a whole team could all get the same brand/model, but what should a solo player buy and expect to be able to communicate with others who have different radios?
Yeah, Blade is right. There are too many factors to consider when deciding on that "perfect" radio. Where will you be attending your most events? What is the terrain like? The shape of the field? Is it a large field? How seriously are you involved in the sport?

The list could go on of things to consider, but the most obvious and deciding factor will usually be

If you are an individual player just getting in to airsoft or milsim style gameplay, you can buy a cheap FRS radio and be able to communicate just fine MOST of the time across the majority of the fields here in Ohio. You will not be able to communicate across Hidden Springs Ranch with an FRS radio. It is too long. You may have problems at Fallen Warrior as well because it is also a large field. Keep in mind terrain drastically reduces the range of those cheap radios.

Even a cheap radio will allow you to communicate though. You may have to relay messages if you get too far from your command, but you would still be in the loop. I would suggest a cheap radio to start with. Put your money in to a good solid primary [weapon] platform, and a good comfortable rig first. Once you are on a team, THEN you can worry more about improving your comms.

Having any kind of radio that will transmit and recieve ( careful on UHF frequencies, I think a license is required.) is better than having no radio at all. What becomes a problem is when everyone decides to talk about lunch, or who constantly has that open mic but no one can ever find.

This post came about because of an operation that SHOULD have ran smoothly, but fell apart due to the fact there were a total of about 5 radios on the field. If I remember correctly, one of them had a dead battery. When the CO must go squad to squad tracking them down to give them orders... things will not go as planned. But I would expect that at a milsim event (Operation) there would be more radios on the field.

This is a lesson WE learned at the field. A lesson we have taken to heart and have rectified the problem at our end, but our end at that event was to help ref., and unfortunately we couldn't do much about it after everyone was already there. They played the game. I think everyone had fun while they were fighting. But there were lulls in the action when no one knew what they were supposed to be doing. That is not what you want to see at an Op. and that is not what people expect when they go to one.

A lot of time and planning goes in to these operations no matter where it is held or who is organizing. They want to give everyone an intense experience where all have fun. Not once has any event organizer set out to plan a bad event. But no matter how well an organizer plans an event ( and I am speaking specifically of events normally listed as Operations.) if you truely want the desired effect, communication is a must.

Hehehe...if you know me you will know exactly how to take this, if not.... I'm really not a horse's behind even though this may come across like I am... but if you are going to go to an the damned role! It is a MILSIM event. A military unit would have communications. This is usually not a can be though.
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