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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. The big issue isn't that I tinker with them and **** them up, I purposely don't mess with them, open, them etc until I actually absolutely have to. In short, I've never opened or fiddled with the internals of a gun unless the gun fails on me. And almost all of them have failed on me at some point forcing me to take action to fix or tune them in some way (getting into the internals). I'm glad to hear that the information I have gained about TM and G&P guns' superiority is true and will definitely be looking into obtaining some of those. I am more than willing to fork the cost for quality and I am not the kind of player who is all picky about high FPS, souping everything up inside, or meddling with the internals at all. I really really like out-of-the-box perfection. And I treat all guns with top-notch care. I do have one TM MP5 SD but the original owner obviously put it though hell and it may be on its last legs of life. The other thing is that I'm really not a new player.... I've been this **** for about 7 years running (only one year prior to those 7 with ****ty walmart guns before enlightenment) and know generally what to and what not to do. I never upgrade unecessarily, I only replace broken parts with slightly stronger parts when they break. No FPS upgrades, fancy gear ratio ****, high speed motors, and absolutely nothing above a 9.6V battery. I usually only use 7.4V lipos as I feel that is the most balanced power source. Once again, thanks for all the great advice, I will take action with it! Any other tips anyone has for me, please keep them coming. I am always open to learn the right way. Thank you!
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