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It isnt the kid, it's the adult.

I was raised to be in the Armed Forces. I was able to shoot at age 4 and had my own rifles at age 7. But I didnt handle those without respect and my parents watchful eye. You see, I was told that using a rifle was to "kill" what ever you shot. If you didnt have the intention on killing it, dont shoot at it.

Now Airsoft isnt that extreme. Sure, what we shoot wont kill you. But I understand what he is saying. I have spent some time at Airsoft Arms and have seen this for myself. But it isnt the kids fault, its the parent. I have a teenage daughter that plays, but she cant even touch her P90 without me being there. Just this week I have seen kids in Northern Kentucky playing airsoft in other peoples back yards. Now, of course this caught my eye.

These kids ranged in ages of 6 to 16. Walmart guns to some Cyma guns. They were several houses away and not a threat so I went inside and had dinner. A short time later, one of the 4 year old neighbor kids began to scream. I went out to see what was wrong and a boy had shot him point blank with one of the rifles.

So who was at fault? In my eyes its the parents.

So how young is too young?

Well, how mature is the parent that the kid has? Thats a better question.