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WE G18c problems

I've been having a lot of trouble with my WE G18c pistol. First off I used the pistol at two events, and when I got the pistol out to test fire it before the third event, the outer barrel broke. So I replaced it with a Guarder steel outer barrel and chromed the slide while I had it apart. I had to disassemble the loading nozzle to clean out the paint flecks and then put back together. When I test fired the gun after it was assembled and lubed it didn't blow back all the way, only about halfway. I think this is a result of the little pieces in the loading nozzle not being assembled right but I'm not sure. Then the trigger would no longer catch when I racked the slide. Someone suggested that the trigger bar was warped, so if that is the case then would a Guarder trigger bar for a TM g17 be compatible? I'd appreciate any feedback.
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