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Exclamation Echo 1 Phantom (AUG)

Item Description: I am selling a used Echo 1 Phantom/AUG. It is in decent working condition. Has been used for around 50 hours total. The outer barrel threading still has some dirt in it, the barrel removal bolt came out and is replaced by a screw, the mag-latch nut was replaced with a normal nut and the front foregrip has broken off, but all of the pieces are intact and will be sold with the gun in the event of a buyer who wishes to attempt a repair. The gun fires perfectly fine and has been cleaned internally twice. It shoots at around 350fps on average. There is no scope or sight, only a attachment rail, for attaching a scope or other sight. It is a bull-pup design, with the magazine under and behind the trigger arm. It is a matte-ish black.

Items Included: It will come with TWO 8.4v batteries. One at 1100mAH, the other at 600mAH and one is NiCAD and the other is Ni-MH. It also comes with ONE high-capacity magazine that holds around 330 rounds. Does not come with a charger at all, as I only own one SmartCharger and cannot find the original charger for the airsoft gun.

Payment Method: I will accept cash payments only, checks are a possibility if I am convinced it is necessary.

Trade Stance: I will not trade, I am looking to get rid of a airsoft gun, not get another.

Price: I am asking $100 for the gun, 2 batteries, and no charger.

Additional Details: I can travel anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Brown County to conduct the sale, but I will ask that I would prefer the buyer meet me halfway between their residence and my own. I will not ship the weapon, in-person sales only. Any questions feel free to PM me or e-mail me at
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