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Originally Posted by mac50 View Post
Ok go to some open plays by yourself. BTT in Medina is within your range, as is Paintball Zone, also in Medina. Teams generally ask you to join them, you don't ask them. Go to games and make a name for yourself.
If you are unaware if a team is recruiting or not, it is not a bad thing to ask. To send a message to try to get together with a group of guys to see what they think of you, and vice versa, I view that as normal. Never have I ever seen a team walk up to some random guy and say, "hey want to join, even though we don't know you?"It is just a flawed way of thinking in my opinion. I say, play with the team in question, and take it from there. Don't bug them about joining, just tag along with them at ops and see if you click. If so, there is a very good chance they will recruit you.
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