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VFC M4 dry firing....

My nephew and I both purchased VFC M4 E series defenders several months ago(i just sold mine to a friend, Talus) Both are plagued with dry firing from poor fitting mags. Most MAG brand midcaps work if I add tape to the back of the mag. I often still need to push the mag forward to fire correctly. Still some MAG brand mags wont fire consistently. King Arms mags fit tighter but still dry fire.

I have changed the plastic hop up to a mad bull 3 in 1 and systema 6.04 without any changes in feeding. Adjusting the hop up doesn't help.

My questions are:

Does anyone know of midcap mags that fit better and fire for the VFC M4?

If not, do you recommend a "permanent" shim in back of the magwell? (I hate the tape on back of mags, which always peel off)

I cant find a definitive answers out there, I believe because the VFC M4 is pretty new. Also, no email response from VFC so far.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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