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I can certainly clarify on ammo! I buy enough of it.

Okay, is kind of hidden in plane sight. I buy a lot of ammo from them, amongst others. ( I have about 5 suppliers I bounce off of, depending on who gives me a nickle per round here, there, etc.) But, AIM's been good, reliable, and always a good selection.

Now, 7.62x39 vs. 5.45x39 - both Russian calibers


As you can see, the price goes down as you buy more. (naturally.) For the record, I normally buy things in groups of 1000+ rounds at a time. Saves on shipping amongst other things. (Sometimes you can get really good case lots of 3-5k at a buy.)

Wolf Steel case is pretty much the bread and butter of what you'd shoot through anything like a WASR-10. There is no need to be nice and shoot Brass case ammo out of it, ala an AR variant. It's fairly priced at about 20-22 cents around. It's also *important* non-corrosive.


This is where it gets a tad bit tricky. Most 5.45x39 in the US currently, is 'surplus'. Meaning, it pre-dates both you and I combined, in age. It's still good ammo, it works, sealed in a can. Just old.

This is what I'm talking about by cheap:

1000 rounds, $100. Cheap. About as cheap as you can get for a decent caliber. Down side? Being cheap, old surplus stuff, it's also corrosive. Which for the most part, you don't have to worry about. Clean your barrel, get the grime out of there and 99.5% of your corrosion problems will be gone. If you ever do start seeing your rifling wear out, then you'd need to buy a new barrel, which for 5.45x39 mm guns - they're dirt cheap anyways.

Now, they also have non-corrosive versions too, ala (currently sold out) Also cheaper then 7.62x39. If you so decide to go down 5.45 route.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. In my opinion again, since you're on a budget, you really gotta look at the price of the ammo, not the gun. In example, I'll put it in my recent case. Sure, I'll have nearly $3500 wrapped up in my LMT .308 package before I buy a suppressor for it. However, at say .60 cents a round give or take, that's only about 5800 rounds of ammo for it to equal $3500. Shooting 1-2k a weekend isn't hard at all. So if you're on a budget, make sure not only the GUN fits your budget, but the Ammo does as well. Its why alot of people sell their AR's. Why keep a $1500 gun if you can't afford the $300-400 for a weekend of shooting? Ammo is the expensive part, not the gun. It's the exact opposite of airsoft.
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