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Originally Posted by King View Post
Wow, it's been a while since I posted. Blade, please correct me if I'm wrong, or inform me otherwise, but hasn't airsoft in Ohio become much, MUCH smaller in the last five or so years? My team all split up because two guys got severely hurt and the rest of us, well, life caught up. There's no community anymore because the people I once knew who played every weekend, no longer play. I used to live and breathe airsoft. I bled BBs. But yet now, years later since my last game, I don't find myself missing it all that much. Sure, when I talk about past experiences I get really excited and want to grab my MP5 and go at it again. But in the end, there's no one I know anymore to play with.

I also think it was more than just the change to Facebook that may have killed it for a lot of members. Many of the games, at least the last few my team attended, had problems. Lots of "hurry up and wait," standing around in formation for HOURS waiting for the start, only to break for lunch three hours later, then calling it quits at 5PM. Politics, poor sportsmanship, THEFT, etc. made my guys want to get out of it. So maybe it's just not the community, but also the actual games that made airsoft just flutter away.
Indeed, the community is much smaller than it used to. The thing is, airsoft is like any other hobbies and sports. If you don't get involved, you lose interest. On top of that, if you have more than one sport/hobby, you spend less time to it, which will ultimately make you not miss it when you leave the sport. Unfortunately, getting too much involved can create the opposite effect: you get sick and tired of the drama, waking up early morning, cleaning up afterward, etc.

That said, the community changed, there is no doubt about it. we are not obsessed with gear whoring anymore. We rather obsessed about kill count
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