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Originally Posted by gtamobster View Post
Anyone try out the MAG 170-round P90 mags? I just joined the P90 train to replace my FAMAS as my back up and double function as my CQB gun.

I decided to go with the CA90RD Proline for it's superior (?) externals.

I really, really wanted a VFC PDW but I couldn't justify the $700 it would cost me to get it to where I wanted (gun, mags, internal lipo). Plus, the more I thought about it, the P90 is a more efficient PDW, atleast in the airsoft world.

For now, I just ordered the gun from ASGI, but in a few months, I plan on placing another order for the MAG 4 piece set off of ASGI and buying 4 OD mag pouches and a "go bag", which I believe will fit the P90 perfect to discretely carry it and some other airsoft stuff, from ebay.

Here's a "go bag":
Well, what kind of style do you play, Milsim or woodland/field?

If you play Milsim, the MAG 170-round mags are perfect, but depending on where you get them, can be pricy.

If you play woodland/field/casual, the P90 Box mag and 300 round M4 style Hi-cap are always recommended for it's high capacity and a pouch space saver.
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