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trying to get back in with my old team

ok im currently Trying to get back with my Old airsoft team..well so far i tried to talk with my former Team leader and he dont want to talk and it makes me feel like crap because i helped him form the team! but since then Ive tried to start my own team.... and no luck, ive tried Craigslist ive tried Facebook and theres NOTHING. and its starting to make me depressed seeing how much the team has done and how far they have got in the Mil-Sim airsoft world. and when i said that on there facebook page he deleted it :/ but me and my former TL and i have formed a bond in the time of forming the team and im not at liberty to throw the teams name out there but i will tell you it based out of Cleveland, Oh and they have done there own events and made some Kickass open plays "and thank you guys for letting me come and play as a undercover agent" but My former TL know the reason why he wont talk to me but im not perfect and nobody is. and again im not going to go into details about that. But i will just say ive have got better i learn my lesson and i have got my life back on track. i just want to get back to where i belong with my former team! ~Dragain
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