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The Official Airsoft Ohio "Stupid"/General Question Thread

This thread is for ANY and ALL questions related to airsoft. No matter how simple, out there, generalized, opinion based, or stupid - ask it here, with zero repercussions.

This is an open topic with any potential subject. Any and all airsoft related questions are welcome, even those that would violate the rules (such as opinion posts - "what is the best gun", etc). Don't let the title dissuade you - you are not stupid if you ask a question here It's simply a thread title I borrowed from another website.

Anyone can ask, anyone can answer.

We understand that everyone is new, and sometimes you really need a question answered that you just can't seem to find the answer for (do try google and the search function here first!), even if it's been answered a thousand times, or really doesn't have a correct answer. So post up and ask.


Ask away!


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