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AAR Fallen Warriors Open Play 10/6/2018

Thanks for Evan for hosting a fun Open Play. We had about 15 plays there, not bad for the Buckeyes playing this weekend!

We started with the normal team death match in the lower village. We played a few games there to get warmed up. Man am I out of shape, I was dying.

Next we played defense in the chow hall and held it pretty well. We finally got out flanked from the hillside and the package was recovered.

I had to leave early, but thanks again for a great time. Sportsmanship was top notch and I think for the player size we used the best parts of the field. I hope everyone who played drank plenty of water. It was 86 on my car thermometer! That's toasty for October.

Anyway, until next time.

Stang out.
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