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Here are my thoughts.
First, does anyone know of any other online forums that are up to date and attractive? Do we have a target for what a good forum should look like? That would be a great place to start. If we can narrow down “style” and figure out what makes a good website/forum, we can move in the right direction.
As far as changes I’d like to see, I think updated personal profiles and pop-up chat boxes would be really helpful(like facebook)! The pop-up chats are really convenient and would make communication much easier. Also, removing the “latest pictures” section and replacing it with something more useful would be nice! People can post their pictures on their personal page or on facebook.
Honestly, AO needs to focus on what it’s good at: discussion forums and being an event posting hub. All of the other things can become distractions and deterrents. So, I’d say focus on a few key things first and then move to some of the finer points.
AO is a great place and I used to love the community aspect it offered. I think a nice facelift and a few key changes will revitalize it and make it great again.
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