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Awesome day. Had a great time rolling with and against some bros out there from Sword, Spear, Legion, Stacc and Reaper. I'll try to make it to Springfield next weekend for my last AO event. No promises.

Saw some sportsman issues and hot tempers. Same crap, different day; none of it takes away from the fun.

Some safety reminders:

If you are running a hot gun, avoid going into buildings unless you have an appropriate side-arm. Semi-only.

"Bang-Bang" kills are only upheld when one person has full control of the situation. Coming around a corner with guns pointed at each other is not an appropriate time to use "bang-bang".

Before rounding the corner, you can offer a "Parlay", but your opponent does not technically have to agree to it.

There were some issues with using the bridge: while you cannot shoot at someone crossing the bridge, the person crossing the bridge can neither loiter or shoot while on the bridge. You must go from A to B immediately while on the bridge. This is for your safety.
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