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Custom metal gbb 1911

Today I have for sale a custom 1911 gbb pistol that was professionally put together by an amazing tech friend of mine. The gun has been used very little since I received it, and was used very little by the first owner. He used it in a few games, but maybe shot a few rounds in close proximity to people. The gun will come with a Blackhawk serpa holster with 2 mounts forsure. Molle and paddle mount. I may keep the belt mount.
Here is a video of the gun shooting.
Internally the gun has been completely redone. The build started out with a Kimber metal slide from wgc shop. The slide was then made to fit a we metal lower. The blowback chamber was dremeled/ polished nub on the blowback chamber to fit the we lower. But it turned out great and shoots like a champ. Real steel grips were then put on. The coolness starts on the inside though. All of the parts are aftermarket including
The slide kit, barrel, hop and blowback assembly.
The barrel is a 6.01 tightbore. The barrel has been v hopped. Not sure what brand, but it is very high quality. The others are high quality, but I am not sure what brand. i cannot tell what brand stuff is in pistols as I do not modify them. The gun shoots beautifully dead accurate at 120 feet however.
My price for this beauty with the blackhawk holster is $150

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