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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
...which is exactly why I wanted to know who was available. Then, Wallace can decide if fixing/modifying the actual AO is better than starting from scratch. This website is not super bad, it just needs several features to be changed. The thing we absolutely need to stay away from is getting a "custom" work done and then being stuck with it because the coder/programmer/designer got no more time for it or leave the community.
Unless you build from a template that has 90% of what you need, the new site will inevitably end up the same way. If you want custom functionality, you're going to need custom code.

Have a look at what Joel Spolsky, an industry respected engineer has to say about rebuilds:

Now, if you're talking about substantially changing AO's function (i.e. making it not a forum), then that's different story.

Originally Posted by Phyrman13 View Post
Don't get me wrong. I would rather this site get fixed but talking about for the past couple YEARS and its not happened.
If we don't have the resources to fix it, where are we going to get the resources to build a new one, and then fix all of the issues with that one?
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