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TG&G's Introduction to Airsoft Ohio

Recently, TG&G(Training Guns & Gear) has opened an indoor airsoft range in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a killhouse complete with modular doors, and walls with ballistic foam furniture that can be moved for a new experience every time! We also have the ability to make it pitch black, strobes, fog machines, and a sound system to satisfy any primal desires or challenges. We are open Monday to Friday: 10 AM - 8PM and Saturday/Sunday: 10AM- 6PM. Currently, our fee is $20 all day, and we offer rentals for low prices. The games are high-speed, room clearing, battling room to room fun and it is a blast! Our storefront is stocked fully, and we are able to make special orders with free technical/upgrade service provided as a perk. Currently, we carry KWA, CA, KAs, Javelin, VFC, A&K, CYMA, WE.

To spread our name and what we offer, we will be attending games to vendor to meet players face to face and establish a relationship with the East Coast Airsoft Community. Personally, I love the sport with the passion and want to give back to the community that has been amazing over the years with memories and experiences. If any questions, they can be posted on this page, or through PMs.My email is Dom@TG& and I will respond any questions through there.
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