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Originally Posted by Lynx View Post
...You have to understand that the purpose of this forum is not to serve you, and its not the purpose of the forum just to answer questions for newbs. Like others have pointed out, if you are serious about airsoft, and want to learn more, then put some effort into it and don't expect everything brought on a silver platter. This website has become more and more degraded in the eyes of some airsofters who have been around for a while (administrators, mods, etc, please do not take offense, its not for your lack of trying). Helping newbies is just a part of what people go here to do. Nobody is being paid to do this so don't expect it as some kind of service you are entitled to. Some people are actually beginning to question whether the rapid growth of airsoft is a good thing or not, because as its been growing there has also been an influx of younger kids who don't know what they are doing and are probably not mature enough to be in airsoft (not that you are necessarily) or just plain stupid people who we would all rather do without. This is a problem we face as airsoft becomes more mainstream. So please if you are going to post, be mindful of all of these things, and don't put yourself into the position where people see you as being one of those who are bringing this site, or airsoft in general, down. I hope you will become a contributing and active member of the community and a better example for newbies in the future.
wow. I could not have said that better myself.
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