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yeah i understand. I have been using the search button a lot now. I have talked to some really cool people on AIM now. DeltaSniper and i chatted for a bit and he even sent me to one of his teammates who owns the gun i am about to get who also was very helpful.

One more thing. I am not going to respond to this thread anymore. Going to let it die off. It can be deleted for all i am concerned. I do think the mentorship would be a good thing. Maybe just a list of names of people willing to help out new people to the sport could be comprised that way we know who to contact

I would also like to say that some people are treating some others like children. I am not a child. I am an adult and feel that i should be treated as one. Now with that said, i am done with this topic and moving on. Hope to see you all on the playing fields soon. To all those who have been helping me through PM and AIM and here, i thank you. Some of those being DeltaSniper, his teammate, and Darkstar. Grunt also who sent me a PM offering his help.
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