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Why would I, or any other member, want to go into a forum to answer stupid questions that they don't want to answer in the normal forums?

You would just end up with a forum that no one but newbies go into. Airsoft Zone had a forum like this, and I took a look one time out of curiosity, all you had was newbies answering other newbies with incorrect information, and because no veteren members wanted anything to do with tha forum, there was no one there to correct the misinformation. Then when people want to do a search, this irrefuted misinformation comes up and newbies would not even know it was wrong information.

We have been doing this for many years, all of these complaints and suggestions have been made at one point, and most tried on various forums. Not all problems have a simple solution, the solution in this case is to educate newbies on how to find their own information instead of being waited on by the other members. Rarely will anyone be flamed if they show that they made a genuine effort to find the answer for themselves prior to asking.
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