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Originally Posted by ILoveMyM4 View Post
A kid sent me a pm saying I hate cod airsofters like you. It gave me a laugh.
It's probably because you called it a "Hybrid Scope." I, honestly, don't care for the term, but it's not like it's that big of a deal.

The combo of an EO Tech and magnifier has ben used for a while, Call of Duty just now decided to put it in. Link to a real one HERE. The real name for this sight system, as designated by EO Tech, is the MPO (Multi-Purpose Optic, maybe?). You don't have to drop 1000 dollars into it, however. As said before, you could make a similar, albeit knockoff, setup for under 120 dollars.

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Have you ever noticed in commercials how there's like a white guy and his Asian friend and the black guy so it's not racist? That's pandas job
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