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Originally Posted by Moldybeaverbones View Post
Why does it seem that on the older side of airsofters, they have 0% tolerance towards children? I know that there are some brats that play that never call their hits and other crap but what about the kids that don't do crap, I think it would be better to give the good kids a chance

Point number 1 in this blog post is that the older guys are always right, even when they aren't. I started playing 2 weeks after my 13th birthday, which is almost as early as it gets for legit fields in Ohio. The older crowd will act superior to the younger guys because they are older, and since airsoft has no rank structure (unless one is established for the event), age is the next best thing. It may not be fair, but the best you can do is role with the punches and prove your worth.
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Have you ever noticed in commercials how there's like a white guy and his Asian friend and the black guy so it's not racist? That's pandas job
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