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Felt this may be a safe place to ask this. But why is their such adamint hate for KWAs in some other forums?

I just mean that I recently responded to another thread (not here) where some guy was asking what the best M4 he could get for just 200$ was. I told him the two best options were the KWA CQB M4 for 160$ (price after 20% off coupon) or a Lonex M4 from Clandenstine Airsoft for $220. I got flipin railroaded by multiple posts telling me never to mention KWAs to anyone.

I know that some have their issues. But it seems all the top brands have one big problem or a another, VFCs self shimming gears, G&P a design flaw with one of the gears, KWA the stock motor.

So why is there often such bile associated with them that isn't levied on the other top brands?

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