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Originally Posted by Jeimuzu View Post
Unless it puts out high pressure air, I think not. Most put out I think about 400 need something way stronger than that. Atleast thats what Ive read. I could be wrong.
I played paintball (semi professionally) for years... you need 4500 psi which is WAY higher than your average at home air compressor. This product is definitely a no go for me. The whole reason I got into airsoft is because it is much more realistic than paintball. I feel as though this product is taking airsoft in the complete opposite direction... No way I'd ever buy this thing. On another note, high pressure air tanks are not cheap. A good one will run you about 250 bucks. That's money for a solid AEG, not to mention HPA tanks are very dangerous. I've seen people get whipped and acquire some serious injuries due to improper handling of said tanks. And in addition you have to have a battery? I don't think so. Honestly if you're going to drop that much money then you might as well throw in about another 250 bucks or so and get a used systema. I don't see this company selling many of these at all if people are smart.

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