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Originally Posted by ShortyUSA_Rambo View Post
Not all airsoft fields give you access to chargers or electricity either so you're in the same predicament if your battery runs out too. The good thing with HPA is, if you hop in your car and find the nearest firehouse, your tank can be refilled in about 15 seconds. Also, you could always bring extra tanks just like you would bring extra batteries.
True, however peak chargers that connect to a DC power source, such as a car battery, are extremely common and very inexpensive. With HPA, if you run out and there is no fill station nearby, you're pretty much screwed. Furthermore, for legal/liability reasons, most firehouses won't fill HPA air tanks for any random Joe who stops by. HPA tanks can get expensive, require yearly inspections and certifications, and compressor/fill stations can cost hundreds of dollars for a fill station, and even more for the required compressors.

HPA tanks also have to be regularly tested and certified by approved testing facilities. Failure to have your tanks regularly tested can mean you're not going to be allowed to play at certain fields. Further, as HPA tanks get older, pressure failures become more of a realistic reality. If you've got an HPA tank on your back when it decides to fail, there is a VERY high chance it will kill you. It's kind of like wearing a bomb on your back, and I've personally never felt comfortable using HPA tanks with paintball equipment.

While this device does look nice, extremely well made and will allow those players to use HPA if they so desire, I think the cost and convenience of electric powered airsoft guns is still the future of airsoft. HPA airsoft is considered old-school and there were reasons why CO2 and HPA airsoft rifles died years ago. With these being a minimum $650 buy-in, then additional $100 or so for air tank(s), it definitely not for everyone.

I would be more interested in seeing this company put their efforts toward making an actual ultra-high grade electric gearbox. Then you'd probably get more of my attention. I'll look forward to seeing how this product progresses.
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