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Originally Posted by Jeimuzu View Post
There is only one downfall to this. you have to find a place that will fill your tank. If your at an airsoft field that isnt a paintball field....chances are, there is no fill station. So once you run out, your out. BUT I do like the idea. If I had a filler for HPA I would seriously think about getting one.

"More and more paintball stores and fields are now offering HPA to meet increasing demands and you can also have your HPA tank refilled at most scuba shops, fire houses or fire safety facilities. HPA really isn’t hard to find and typically runs about $1 per 1,000 psi to refill."

All fire departments need the ability to fill their air tanks and will almost always have a fill station at the firehouse. If not, they have to get them filled someplace local. So, if you don't have any Paintball or Scuba stores local to you, check at the local firehouse and if they can't fill your tanks they could direct you to where they get their tanks filled.

Not all airsoft fields give you access to chargers or electricity either so you're in the same predicament if your battery runs out too. The good thing with HPA is, if you hop in your car and find the nearest firehouse, your tank can be refilled in about 15 seconds. Also, you could always bring extra tanks just like you would bring extra batteries.
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