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I'm going to point towards your compression parts as being the cause of the problem. It would be helpful if you listed the following parts being used in each system:

Piston head
Cylinder head
Air seal nozzle
Hopup chamber
Hopup bucking

There could be any number of problems affecting that drop in FPS. The o-ring could be too small for the cylinder and may need to be stretched out and heated. The cylinder head may be leaking some air out and may have to be sealed in with some silicone. The air seal nozzle's o-ring may be too large for the cylinder head and might have to be replaced for a larger one. The tappet plate may not be chambering each round far enough into the bucking and could have to be sanded down a bit. The hopup bucking might be torn, old, or too soft for the gun's power output.

Check these things over and report back when you get the chance. I'll be here to help you in any way I can.
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