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Originally Posted by Soothsayer View Post
I'm trying to cut down on the fire delay for my G&P M4 and I know a MOSFET is a good way to do this, but I don't know of any other methods. What else is out there? If I decide on getting a mosfet will there be anything else I should get in conjunction with it?
By "fire delay" do you mean trigger response?

If so, you can lower your fps by putting a lighter spring in. It will let your stuff cycle faster.

You can put high speed gears in it.

You can use a higher voltage battery (be careful you dont rip up your internals).

Im sure there are other options out there, but those are the ways that I know. And as for mosfets, I have actually heard that some can slow the trigger response? I dont really know how, but thats what I have heard.

And if none of this is what you are talking about the I hope someone else can answer your question!
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