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Yeah Darkstar, i can see where you're going there. I've been researching how to do this rig correctly for like a year and a half now so i think i have it figured out. I'm using an in-line regulator to control the fps i'm putting in the mag, i'm also upgrading the striker spring and using a crap ton of teflon to make sure i have a good seal on everything. XD
I've had this in the works for a while, and now i'm putting the plan in motion. The only things i'm not sure of is the hop-up. I know i'll be needing a hard type running this king of fps, but other than that idk. I've heard good things about the nineball bucking with this gun, but idk if it will stand up the the punishment this rifle is going to be dishing out. If anybody has any hop-up suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Big_Pep
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