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Feedback Needed - IFAKs in Airsoft

I am not trying to sell anything here, just looking for player feedback on the subject matter.

Alright Ladies and Gentlmen, HRT has teamed up with Chinook Medical gear, the leading supplier for medical gear to the military. We will be releasing our own version of a IFAK/Blow Out Kit.

I am trying to determine if the airsoft community would be a good area to market these kits to.

The kits are basically designed to aid the top 3 combat casualty conditions. Airway, breathing, Hemorrhage. So where do IFAKs come in when playing airsoft since people actually do not get shot? As we know some of the AO's can be very dangerous terrain, it is just a matter of time before something serious goes wrong, this goes for every field/venue. People can slip, fall, heat stroke, etc and now the airway has been compromised. Same goes for falling on a exposed pipe, branch, rock, etc and now the breathing has been affected and the same goes for hemorrhage. If someone were to strike and artery then they could bleed out within 2 minutes. We all know that even having a medical bag for the team or field host it could take 5-10 minutes to get from one end of the field to the other. If players were equipped with IFAK's then it gives the casualty a chance. I know some us us carry IFAKs with us at all times on and off the field.

Are they worth having? Would you or do you carry one?
Would a kit designed specifically for airsoft be good to have?

I am not looking for what needs to be in a kit, just if anyone would or does carry them and why.

So I would like to get some feedback when relating to airsoft.
Thanks for the input!
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