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Originally Posted by rootbeerking202 View Post
He gave me the gearbox, and he said he would give me the externals, etc. tomorrow.

I popped it open and took a quick look. While reassembling, I realized that the fuse was disconnected from the connector. That could have been the problem, and it probably was, for that matter.

This was the first time the GB was opened, and all I could see was grease. That thing was coated, and I mean coated, in grease. I removed the clumps and it seems to be better.

The AR latch was a bit confusing as far as reassembling goes.

Tomorrow he selling me the battery and the externals, as well as a magazine.

I'm hoping to fix it, and then switch out the motor, put in a bucking or a TB, mount a laser and flashlight, and possibly some other small things. (suggestions?)
The motors in them seem like they're junk. Good idea. A proper shim job, proper greasing, newer motor, and possibly a lighter spring (I'm probably in the minority, but I don't really think you need 400 FPS or the 370 they were shooting out of the box when I was working at smith) and you'd be sitting pretty!

Let's hope it's just a fuse.

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