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First I would check and see if there are CQB fields near you. (I assume you are talking about indoor locations)

If there are CQB fields near you then see what they might require.

Yes there are games out there that split up teams based off of uniform color. It will depend on the game/field/ect on if black is allowed.

If you really like black you can always do a black rig (your vest and support equipment) and then also buy a cheap set of woodland or desert BDUs. That way you have your black uniform and equipment (what you want) and you also have a uniform (or two) that will let you play at other games.

They fields generally won’t mind if you have a green / tan uniform on and black gear.

You will get a lot of opinions from people on black equipment, good and bad.

The bottom line is to just do what you like and you think looks good and go from there. Only time you should worry about it is if you are trying to go to a specific game and that game does not support your uniform choice.

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