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I would suggest starting out with a green or tan pattern since most Op's require a player to wear one of these 2 colors. Not to say that black isn't allowed at Op's it's just not common to find Op's that uses it. If you spend money on black you may not get much use other than open play games. If you spend the money on Black camo then you will end up needing to purchase some form of Tan or Green in the long run. Some popular camo types that are used.

Green: Woodland, FG Atacs, Marpat, SAS woodland, OD, Tiger-stripe

Tan: Desert, Digital, Atacs, Multi-Cam, Coyote,

There are also several types of new camo available as well the can be expensive but most can be found at a moderate to low cost. I hope this helps with your choice good-luck.
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