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Originally Posted by DPDP View Post
Sorry about making ppl angry about stuff like this. Didnt see it on any of the threads Or on the news.
There currently isn't a rule against it, which is why I posted something about the discussion of making it a rule.

It's fairly common for stuff like this to end up in the news. In fact, there isn't a week that goes by that something like this ISN'T in the news. Normal news isn't such a big deal, but stuff like this isn't normal news. The people that perpetuate these acts of stupidity don't play airsoft, likely don't have any formal gun safety training, and certainly don't read these forums. In fact, most of these people don't buy their guns from airsoft retailers, they usually buy them from chain stores (****'s, Walmart, Meijer, etc).

Normally posting news on forums isn't a huge deal either, except that on THESE forums, people try to start Crusades to inform the media that we aren't all idiots, which does nothing but draw more attention from the media (most of whom are very liberal and not very pro-gun, and by proxy, not very airsoft friendly anyway).

So to make this a bit easier to understand, I'm going to put this into a set of completely bogus mathematical formulas:

Formula one:
Educated airsofter (such as those found on AO) + Airsoft gun = No problems

Formula two-zero:
Idiot + airsoft gun = stupidy ensues, media does story

Educated airsofter watches news + posts news on forums = Forum aware

Educated (but threatened) airsofter + letter to media = Media now informed
that we are threatened by their stories (which in turn, makes them interested in pursuing further stories)

Media turns to searching airsoft sites, only to discover a plethora of data and threads discussing other "negative" incidents, media does story on "overwhelming" amount of negative incidents occurring.

Soccer mom watches media, initially ignores story. Soccer mom's idiot kid does something stupid with the airsoft gun that she bought him, she immediately blames the gun, starts writing to politicians to possibly ban airsoft guns. Etc, etc etc etc etc.

Some might think that this chain of events I've mapped out is a stretch, and I might have to agree with them. However, things like this have happened to other less fortunate hobbies and activities (look up "Lawn Darts").

If you people truly want to make a difference, learn the rules of gun safety and proper airsoft safety. Know them and breath them. They are your bible, and will shield you from trouble. Then go out and teach others, and have them teach others.

Posting stuff like this on forums biweekly helps nobody whatsoever. It simply creates panic and fear among the masses.

I apologize if I've offended you good sir, and I meant not to make you feel unwelcome. I've simply become a bit jaded in my "old age".
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