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Fanglor 02-08-2016 01:01 PM

Hai Everybody.
I'm if that was ever a thing. Been out a long time due to no vehicle, and other financial issues that've kept me out. New local friends getting back into the scene, and a beautiful new SUV to get me there! Which of the cool kids is still around?

Warfox 02-08-2016 03:06 PM

Welcome back Fanglor

Blade 02-08-2016 03:24 PM

Welcome back sir. How many years since your last bbwarz?

Fanglor 02-08-2016 04:00 PM

At least 3, maybe more

2tall 02-08-2016 06:23 PM

Welcome back! Perfect timing for a return with an open play on March 20th at River Bottom a little over an hour away from you.

79stang 02-09-2016 10:22 AM

Welcome back!

jonahm740 02-09-2016 01:06 PM there is name I have not heard in many years.....

Welcome back man :)

Tiimelord 02-09-2016 03:09 PM

Welcome back! The community needs more active players on AO, and veterans on the field is always a plus.

Octane 02-09-2016 04:11 PM

D.s and myself still in the game and it has been a long time man. We still trying to get Conner's out the chair lol regardless good to have you back

Fanglor 02-09-2016 06:40 PM

What a wonderfully warm welcome. Hoping to fix my saws to get back into support gunning but until then I'm ready to get back in as a rifleman

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