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Rex 11-12-2013 07:58 PM

Rex's Sale Thread
Hey all!
Starting to get cold so i'm cleaning out my gear closet.

Firstly rules:
  • Perfer f2f or drop-off
  • Can accept paypal
  • Can meet at events (Go to FallenWarrior's and other places every saturday)
  • All prices OBO
  • Can take more pictures/videos upon request
  • Shipping is NOT included and will have to be paid by buyer unless F2F

Secondly, i'm not in a huge hurry for cash and am really wanting trades also so here are some things to keep in mind:
  • I have a P* so i love anything related to them (Orgas, regulators, tanks...)
  • Looking for R/Ir/ER-hop setup
  • Want a decent NVG setup
  • Need good amount of midcaps and lots of flashmags/highcaps
  • Need a good logo/intro for out team and patches
  • VFC upppers
  • VFC 416
  • Rail Systems

So after all that here comes what you came all this way for...
Group 1:

Kwa KMP9
Comes with 3 gas mags, 1 hpa tapped mag, 2 molle pouches, the gun, angry gun power up silencer. This gun is a lot of fun. It shoots very well with the silencer since it has a 6.03mm tight bore. The silencer increases the guns stock fps from 350-390 to 450-500. The grouping change drastically with the silencer.
Priced to sell at $300-SOLD
Group 2:
Sightmark Night Vision Ghosthunter gen. 1 NVG.
Works well comes with rail mount for scope.


Group 3:
Item 1
Sling with standard clip. No QD.

Item 2
Bladder. New

Item 3
PDW sights and midcap.

Item 4
M4 magazine connectors. Attaches 2 mags together for fast reloads.

Item 5
(2x) gas cans. may be leaky.
$25 per or $40 both

Item 6
Airsoft innovations propane adapter

Item 7
Unknown Make Propane adapter

Item 8
Tornado grenade. Leaks a little when filling. Holds charge though.

Item 9
Unknown make LE stock

Item 10
Elbow pads. Never used.

Group 4:

HK 45 w/ 4 mags, a pistol lanyard and a dropleg holster.
Pistol is not shooting great. I know its something to do with the hop-up because the gun functions flawless just some bbs drop and some shoot. Mags have no leaks at all.
Group 5:

WE GBB Tan 1911
Comes with two mags and a pistol lanyard.

Group 6
G&G G96
Never fielded. Put an upgraded 6.01mm tightbore and new bucking in. Needs a new magazine.

Asking $75

Group 7:
(2x) GoPro Hero 2s
asking 125 per with waterproof housing. If you take both i'll do 200-sold.

Also have some extra batteries and Class 10 32gb sd cards i can throw in if the deal is right.


Group 8:

(2x) Contour HDs. Both come with a screw on lens protector.
Asking 65 a piece or 100-sold for both.

*Side notes
Sorry about the lighting in the pictures and the hard to read card but i assure you that all of these items are mine and are solely posted on AO.

Also not sure why the pictures were upside down...tried to flip them but i guess the links didn't update...

Rex 11-13-2013 10:50 AM

Bump! Lots of activity! If your interested in any off these items please contact me asap as they wont last long!

Rex 11-13-2013 09:49 PM

LOTS sold!!! price drop on a few items, PM me fast if your inerested!

Rex 11-21-2013 10:20 AM the toppp

Rex 11-26-2013 08:09 PM

Sold NVG! Make me offers! Bumpppp

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