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Jables 11-13-2014 08:11 AM

Winter Gear/Set-up
I know this is usually the time of the year where the airsoft events begin to die down due to colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions - But I'm also aware that people still play and there are some events being held in the winter.

So my general question to AO (simply to get the forums talking again, and because this may turn out to be a fairly useful and interesting thread) is:

How do you keep warm on the field during these off-season games?

What changes do you make to your gear to accommodate the extra bulk of the cold weather gear?

How do you keep your gun working properly?

Hoss 11-13-2014 08:17 AM

I just wear thermals and then dress warm. As for gear, I run my same chest rig but of course I let the straps out a bit haha. I have never had a problem with my kwa m4 or my ics m4 in the winter so I do nothing. They run like champs.

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Jables 11-13-2014 08:27 AM

I probably should have posted what I use when I posted the thread.

But I since I've never changed from the M81 woodland pattern, I just use the field jackets that the US military issued in like the 80's. I suspect most people just loosen the straps on their chest rigs/plate carriers, as that is what I do, but some people may use a totally different set-up in general.

I haven't had any long events in the winter in a while, and when I did play in the winter, I still used NiHM batteries. They don't like the cold, and they produce their own heat when being used - so I wrapped it in a sock and threw it back in the gun. That somewhat helped it.

I have never been able to fix the cold bucking issues that arise in the winter, other than readjust the hop-up.

Rygar 11-13-2014 11:31 AM

Make use of the hand warmers. For your battery you can wrap one in a sock and tape it around where the battery is held to keep it a little warmer. You can take it off if it's in the way when you hit the field. Don't put one directly on the battery. Those little things can get hot enough to possibly damage your battery if it's directly on it.

As for the bucking/ hop up, put a hand warmer into your mag well ( for m4 style mag wells. Guns like a p90 is a tad more difficult ) during downtime in staging or while you are waiting for game go. Be sure to remove it before putting in your mag tho! Lol

Naga 11-13-2014 11:55 AM

Duofold and ECWCS undergarments, and Smartwool socks and glove liners, plus glomits.

No gear changes, since the added layers are thin, and don't really add any bulk.

In the winter, I primarily use a gun with a V3 gearbox and 7.4v LiPo, so I don't generally do anything to my guns, either.

cletus MaxmimusIII 11-13-2014 09:55 PM

WAFFLE TOP is your best friend. and lipo batteries. winter games are my favorite dont have to deal with stupid humidity and sweat of summer. plus no brush to deflect bbs and tan becomes a useful color to blend into dead trees.

Panda 11-14-2014 11:47 AM

I pull out the sniffle gear and waffle top/bottoms. Cover your head and wear good wool socks and dress in layers. Loosening of gear is normally done, but I don't adjust mine since I'm skinny as hell and it didn't fit me anyways. As for my gun, I usually accept that it's gonna break down, although I'll run it a bit easier and use hand warmers whenever possible to ensure that it is functioning alright. I usually run an AK during the winter, although I'm gonna run an M4 this winter because I like to live dangerously and my AK is falling apart... literally.

Nforcer 11-15-2014 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by Jables (Post 440736)
I have never been able to fix the cold bucking issues that arise in the winter, other than readjust the hop-up.

G&G green is a winter bucking and excellent all around

viper 11-16-2014 10:38 AM

I use the Columbia omni-heat base layers. Keeps me nice and warm under a combat shirt in like high 20s/low 30s. If the high is below 25ish I will switch to a softshell instead of the combat shirt.

As far as gear changes it is mostly clothing, I use rubber gloves under my gears, hand warmers and toe warmers, the a handwarm(Like in football), I also use smartwool socks, and make good use of a shemagh to keep my face a little warmer.

The only real gear change I make is that I don't carry a pistol since green gas doesn't work too well in freezing temps.

charlieRobinson 11-16-2014 12:03 PM

do you guys wear waterproof/snow pants?

Phoenix 11-16-2014 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by charlieRobinson (Post 440799)
do you guys wear waterproof/snow pants?

Depending on the weather and what my role is in the event I may or may not wear some pants made for skiing/outdoors I have. They are a khaki color and designed similar to the older Orc Industries Level 5 Pants, yet they have some insulation and built thicker than the Level 5 pants. Highly recommend for events where you need the extra protection from snow and water. Used them primarily on the range this past winter for shooting and moving drills. Also wore them to Snowblind 4 as staff.

For those questioning what you need for the winter months, you need to go out and try what best works for you with what you have. Layers will do wonders. I haven't bought anything in a long time strictly for winter. Just layer up, get out and play.

79stang 11-17-2014 06:28 PM

I too agree with the layer system. I like the combat shirt/soft shell combo because is provides insulation on your arms, but your core isn'tias insulated (CIRAS does this). Plus the soft shell has aarmpit vents to regulate overheating.

Poly pro w/ pants and water proof boots help a ton. If my feet are wet and cold, I'm done.

Again the biggest thing with gear is testing. It must work for you to be effective.

Joester 11-22-2014 04:54 PM

What I have done for the last few events I have gone to (high of about 30-35) I wore a pair of my highschool sweatpants underneath my normal BDUs with thermal socks and my boots. I just make sure my feet don't stay wet for an extended period of time. For my chest, I will either wear a sweatshirt underneath a combat shirt if it is not too cold, if temperature is very low I wear my softshell.

For my head I just wear a helmet and maybe a cloth mask so I can at least feel my face.

I haven't had any gun problems, I run a G&g r8l. If I run into any problems I will remember the hand warmer trick, never thought of that.

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