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Icepick 12-17-2013 01:09 PM

New to airsoft/lend-out gear
I've got two full ACU gear set-ups made of gear from random (mostly chinese) companies. Yes, it's ACU, and yes, it's chinese, which is why I said "New to airsoft". ACU was my first loadout and I've got two sets which include:

2 full sets of BDU will fit medium to large people (I'm 5'10" 200lbs)
1 ACU vest
2 Black vests
2 PASGT style helmets with covers
1 ACU knee pad/elbow pad set
1 black pad set
2 sets of goggles
2 black 1 hole balaclavas
2 drop leg holsters
God knows how many pairs of padded tactical gloves
Some other misc gear and woodland BDUs

Asking like $100 per set of ACU gear (BDUs vest goggles pads the whole 9 yds)

Icepick 12-17-2013 01:10 PM

All of the stuff will hold up, nothing has broken and I've had it all for 3 years

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