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Jables 04-05-2018 01:35 AM

Gearbox Greases
I'm sure this has probably been posted in the past, but I figured I'd shed new light onto this since we're bringing life back into the forum. Admins delete if not allowed, pls no banhammer.

I'm not responsible for what you do to your guns, nor am I telling you to try this. This is my own test and my own research.

For a long time, white lithium has been the only gearbox grease that I've heard of people using due to it's lack of any sort of petroleum, which is used in the mixing of rubber and therefore also breaks down rubber, thus destroying your o-ring and your bucking.

As the years have progressed, guns are getting faster and just generally getting more advanced. Electronic triggers and such really increase trigger response and allow for a much faster cycle. I've been hunting for a thicker grease to better withstand the higher amount of stress. This involved delving into ingredients into different types of greases and there uses. One that I found in one of my other hobbies, is wheel bearing grease. Now obviously there are different blends of this stuff, but I would imagine that there would have to be little to no rubber dissolving ingredients as wheel bearings are sealed units. However, I did not test wheel bearing grease nor did I investigate its ingredients.

One night after getting off work, I checked the local Walmart to see if they had anything I could use. I came across a multi-duty, hi-temp grease in a small can. The can says that it is a "lithium based complex". It contains: paraffinic oil (Essentially kerosene), mineral oil (heavy), and lithium soap.

Now, a lot of you may recognize these and think: "Hey, some of those eat rubber!". Well I thought that too actually. I decided to do some research on what these ingredients actually do to rubber. Now, granted, a lot of what I read is coming from the automotive world, but I would think some things would carry over. My job is also manufacturing rubber. I currently make window seals for Honda, so I've been looking into what our R&D team uses.

Kerosene is actually a common cleaning agent on engines that have a lot of exposed plastic or rubber seals because it's not as corrosive as brake cleaner or similar cleaners. Kerosene also leaves a thin film on metal, as I discovered today while using GUNK automotive degreaser, which definitely contains kerosene - you can smell it.

Mineral oil is a big one I read into because it DOES contain petroleum, but it has been used in the creation of submerged gaming computers and there are plenty of rubber components that are definitely not automotive grade inside of our PCs.

Lithium soap is essentially a form of white lithium, which we all know what that is.

I am currently testing this in two of my guns. One of the guns I packed the gearbox full of grease, and immediately noticed that it did not stick as well as I had hoped as I was getting literal globs out of coming out of the air nozzle. Had that gearbox actually been mated with a barrel, it would have completely permeated the bucking and barrel. The other gun I am currently testing it on, I only applied a very small amount to a few teeth and on the gear axles to help alleviate friction between the axles and the bushings. If I remember to post updates on this, I will.

What does everyone else use, or is everyone still using the tried-and-true white lithium?

79stang 04-05-2018 09:26 PM

I have always run my gearboxes with light amounts of grease. Usually I would open the gearbox and wipe away the excess from the factory. I would also coat the gears with silicone spray to help prevent rust and provide a small amount of lubrication.

With the older gearboxes and the loose tolerances clone guns are made to, I really don't feel like you need anything super high quality lube wise. I could see where a gun like a PTW would be more susceptible to different greases.

I will be interested to see what you find.

NickSW 04-05-2018 11:35 PM

Luckily, My Jack P* engine doesn't take much to maintain! I hated opening up the gearbox to my old AEGs, just to grease them every 6 months or so.

Jables 04-07-2018 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by NickSW (Post 445679)
Luckily, My Jack P* engine doesn't take much to maintain! I hated opening up the gearbox to my old AEGs, just to grease them every 6 months or so.

I prefer to open my guns after a few games just to make sure everything is holding up.

I've got a game tomorrow, Ill be running the gun I added small amounts of grease to. For reference, it is a GSG G14, which is actually made by ARES and uses a similar trigger system as they use in their Ameoba series. Ill update this thread if anything happens to the gun such as a power or accuracy decrease. Im letting the other gun sit for awhile.

79stang 04-08-2018 12:51 PM

Please do!

Jables 05-05-2018 11:54 PM

Finally getting back on here, not sure if the forums are still alive or not.

I've come to the conclusion that large amounts of this grease WILL effect the performance of the gun, such as slight loss of compression and also I had an issue with the gun sending too much grease into the air nozzle and down the barrel.

HOWEVER I cleaned out the G14 and reapplied the grease to only a few teeth on all the gears and rotated them to make sure the grease was applied in full. I then greased the gear axles where they enter into the bushings to ensure this area stayed lubricated as I've had gears open this hole up and send themselves sideways in the past. So far, so good.

79stang 05-06-2018 04:23 PM

It's on life support, but its still going.

So basically don't over lube the
Gearbox and you should be good? Was there any ROF increase?

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