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Cassius 11-18-2015 10:46 PM

Getting back into it.
Hey all,

Just seeing what`s up as I`ve been out of the sport for 3-4 years now. I used to be pretty active going out to games and such and met a few of you (don`t know if you`re still on here given that it seems AO is a dying star of a forum now). However, I`m looking to start playing again and hope to meet some new people and get back into things. My real name`s Marc and I live in Columbus so if anyone is around I`m looking for people to go play with and get me up to speed on what the hell happened to this site haha. Thanks!

Blade 11-19-2015 12:23 AM

Welcome back Cassius. You will find out soon enough that the community has drastically changed while you were gone; Tokyo Marui, Classic Army and ICS are almost nonexistent, AirsoftSmiths, 321airsoft and Combatdepot are all gone. Valley Creek, Hell's Bassin and Roseville fields are all gone. Otherwise, everything is still the same :D

As far as this website, it is pretty much the same thing in all communities lately. Forums are dying to leave the place to Facebook; Instant news for an instant mentality. The perfect place for the spammers imho. I would give you the links for the AO group on Facebook but I don't like dealing with it when it comes to airsoft so do your homework :D

Oh btw, my english still sucks lol.

Warfox 11-19-2015 03:28 PM

Welcome back Cassius. Glad your making your way back to the Airsoft world.

As Blade mentioned a lot has changed for us here in Ohio. The sport itself has gone thru some growing pains. But in the end we are going to be just fine! One major benefit of the current state of the industry in Ohio is the fact that field owners and retailers are going to have to recognize the need to provide a better overall product to the player. In turn making the experience for the player worth investing more of their time and hard earned money into.

War Den Airsoft is making a lot of changes thru the off season in hopes to do just that. Hopefully you can make it out to see us in the spring and let us know how we are doing.

Once again....welcome back!

Desert-Fox 11-24-2015 10:00 AM

Welcome back as someone who is deciding to get back into it as well!

Phyrman13 11-24-2015 02:54 PM

Welcome back. I think Airsoft in Ohio has changed for sure. I do think the fact that Field owners are beginning to have a Dialog with each other now it will help Grow and maintain the sport here.

fett 11-25-2015 02:42 PM

Moved up from Tn to her ein ohio been out for afew years but kinda current on equipment, im apart of a Team in TN just afew of us left but looken for peeps to hangout with and get sum games on...have a ton of airsoft weapons afew may be going up for sale...anyways...benjamin zeunen on facebook...hit me up.

TjPerez 11-28-2015 12:16 AM

Came back to visit the forum. Seems like a lot has changed. Been out of the game for a long time. Forgive the morbid question, but is the sport dying here in Ohio? Also, for any admin paying attention, I'm having some accessibility issues for posting. Can someone help?

Warfox 11-28-2015 09:11 PM

Hey Tj....welcome back.

You will probably get multiple answers from people regarding your question.

My answer to the question is no, Airsoft is not dying in Ohio. It is however going thru some changes. I do feel like we are at a point in the development of the sport here in Ohio where we need to do a better job of supplying a product worth paying for. To be more clear....I feel like we as field owners and event organizers need to do a better job of providing venues and games worth paying for repeatedly.

I also feel like as veteran airsofters we need to do a better job of welcoming and training newer players in the sport. We need to make sure that our actions and words are appropriately modeling the sport for the new players. The reality is that without bringing younger players in and developing them there will not be a strong enough player base in a few years to support our local fields and stores.

I personally am excited to work on being a positive and beneficial part of Ohio's Airsoft future.

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TjPerez 12-04-2015 12:33 PM

I completely agree. I wish I had more time to devote to it. I was really into the sport years ago and had my brother out to an event, he loved it. It really is about having accessible venues that are setup and organized properly. If I make more time outside of running a business etc, I would love to help.

Dougrich 12-19-2015 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by Blade (Post 444004)

Oh btw, my english still sucks lol.

Well, at least something didn't change. ;)

Welcome back Cassius. I'm also looking at coming back any advice on guns and gear? I'm sorta behind the times.

clogspecialist 01-11-2016 01:58 PM

I am just recently getting into the sport. It seems to me like this forum has hardly any traffic anymore.

Bronco 01-11-2016 02:35 PM

Most of the traffic this site used to get is now on the Airsoft Ohio Facebook page, check there.

Warfox 01-11-2016 04:44 PM

Welcome back Clog

clogspecialist 01-14-2016 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by Warfox (Post 444193)
Welcome back Clog

Thanks you sir

Event this Saturday close to me. Vietnam woodland or army digital?

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