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Fendushi 07-09-2004 12:37 AM

New KSC Glocks... new trigger safety system?
I just bought a new KSC Glock 19 with metal slide yesterday,


This gun shoots like a dream...

Just a question, is the trigger safety system on the NEWER KSC Glocks different from the OLDER models?

I have an older KSC G18C, the middle bit of the trigger could NOT be lifted up like on the G19, but the trigger locks and it only fires if i press the WHOLE trigger along with the middle bit. It won't fire if I try to pull the trigger from the side without touching the middle bit.

On the new G19, the trigger could still be pulled UNLESS I lift the middle part of the trigger all the way up to lock it. THE GUN COULD STILL BE FIRED EVEN IF I PULL THE TRIGGER WITHOUT TOUCHING THE MIDDLE BIT IF I DON'T LIFT IT UP.

Does anybody here who has just recently bought a KSC Glock experience this as well? Or is my G19 trigger safety faulty?

From what I know, the real steel Glock trigger safety should be like my older G18C. THE TRIGGER CAN'T BE PULLED UNLESS YOU PULL THE WHOLE TRIGGER ALONG WITH THE MIDDLE BIT OF THE TRIGGER. That's what Glocks are famous for.

D_Man 07-09-2004 12:54 AM

Hmm interesting...

I have an old 1st gen Glock 17 by KSC and for me the safety works both ways. I can pull it out further to, as I call it, safety-for-storage, while it also functions as it should on the real glock where you must push the center safety on the trigger before you can pull the rest of the trigger.

Sounds like your's is a bit off...

Fendushi 07-09-2004 01:24 AM


I'll have another go of my G18C when I get home.

I just needed some confirmation that the safety "older" models could be lifted up. Didn't want to force it out and break it.

Seems odd that my newer G19 has a faulty safety system.

The trigger safety system is actually explained in "part 5" of the KSC G17 Series Operator's Manual (2003 Edition), but it's it Japanese.

Could someone please translate it for me?

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