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Stdeda13 08-31-2011 10:48 PM

Multiple AEG's (bit of everything)
Alright, the time has come for me to leave the sport of Airsoft and move on. I am listing my ENTIRE collection for sale. I have been collecting for years and have enjoyed it very much but I have decided that it is time to move on to real steal and other things in my life. I am more than willing to make deals for multiple guns. If you are interested in the entire collection, and are local, I will give you a very good deal. All prices INCLUDE shipping unless otherwise stated. Shipping method will be the cheapest to me. If you want insurance, tracking, upgraded shipping, etc it will be extra. All guns are sold as is, but if something is not as described I will try to work with you on it. I have 100% positive feedback and will do what I can to maintain that. Also, all guns do not include batteries. I am not sure which batteries I have available at the moment but if I have one, I will throw it in free of charge. All guns include at least 1 magazine.

ABSOLUTELY NO PART OUTS!!! If there is an item that says it can be included with the package it is listed with, it IS NOT available outside of that package at this time. I will create a separate sale when these packages have been purchased with any, and all, remaining items.

Real Sword Type 56-1 - $300
Rare and amazing RS Type 56-1 simply the best Airsoft AK on the market in terms of external appearance. I picked this up about 6 months ago on a whim and have been very pleased. I have shot real AK’s and the externals on this stand up to the real ones completely. Gun is stock and runs well. Original box and accessories are also included with this gun.

Asking $300 for the Type 56-1

Classic Army Steyr Aug A1 Phantom - $250
I picked this up off ebay a while ago. The original owner said the old CA gearbox died so he purchased a brand new Echo 1 gearbox and dropped it in. I shot the gun once and put it away. It shot well when I did. Since purchasing it I added a King Arms Phantom Aug kit. The kit DID NOT include the rails for whatever reason so they are no included. It is the full length kit, though I have the shortened version currently installed.

Asking $250 for the Aug

Classic Arm M15a4 Vltor Custom - $450
My pride and joy CA m15. I bought this rifle long ago and have put some serious time and money into it. This rifle has tons of internal & external upgrades that are listed below:
Internals – 400fps
G&P M733 Length Tightbore
CA Full Metal hopup
G&P Bucking
Guarder Air Nozzle
Guarder Cylinder Head
Promy POM Piston Head
G&P Polycarb Piston
CA Steel 6mm Bushings
Systema Ball bearing spring guide
Systema M120 Spring
Professional shimming and relube

ICS Front Sling Swivel
King Arms CASV-EL Rail System
Magpul MOE Grip
Vltor Folding Front Site
Vltor imod Stock w/ stock pad
G&P M733 length outerbarrel (14mmCW threaded)
CA Flip Up Rear Sight
Dboys M4 VN Hicap

I have loved this rifle, and never fielded it. I took pride in making it look amazing. I have well over a gran into this rifle and I know people won’t pay anywhere near that.

Asking $450 for this Rifle. For $500 I will throw in a G&P Red/Green dot Aimpoint, and 14mmCW Socom Silencer

ICS Sig 551 - $250
Nothing much to say about this rifle. Bought it brand new, never fielded it, only upgraded it to deans connectors. Great rifle with and amazingly realistic metal body. I have held a real Sig 551 and this is very close to feeling the same. Include a 2nd unknown brand magazine.

Asking $250 for the Sig

G&G M4 CQB Custom - $350
Another project M4 that I have. It began life as a G&G Gr16 R4 Commando. The parts listed below were then added:
Bravo 7.5” Troy RIS
Madbull 10.5” Noveske outer barrel
King Arms Vltor front sight
King Arms LiPo battery buffer tube
VFC Crane Stock(fit better)
Magpull MOE grip
Madbull 6.03 tightbore barrel
King Arms M4 metal hop-up
Madbull H-nub
The gun has been completely redone externally and just tweaked a bit internally. Guns shoots great and feels amazing. I love my custom M4’s and this has been a great gun.

Asking $350 for this awesome gun

Jing Gong Aug A3 - $150
I picked this gun up brand new like multiple others that I own. I am a huge bullpup fan and decided to give the Aug A4 a try after owning multiple other Augs over time. Overall a great rifle and just something that I enjoyed as is. I am also including a Star Spec ops bipod grip with it.

Asking $150 for the Aug. For $175 I will throw in an NcStar 3-9x40mm scope as well

Classic Army G36 Rifle - $200
I picked this gun up a while ago after realizing I missed having a G36. The gun is in great external condition, and the only issue internally is that the wiring needs resoldered together. I believe it got damaged when I was disassembling it one day but not sure. The gun did shoot great until then though. I added an SRC foregrip bipod to the gun as well as SRC magwell and foregrip pins after losing the CA ones. I will also include a WE G36c toprail that does not seem to fit. The magazine was also modified to include simulated ammo by a sheet of paper. I believe I also have a 2nd magazine that will be included.

Asking $200 for the rifle due to the wiring issue

*ADDED* Real Sword Type 97B - $250
Just got this in. Purchased it before i decided to completely quit so i'm just looking to liquidate it. It is a Real Sword Type 97B that just needs a minor repair. The motor needs one of the wires resoldered back to it. I was told it fired fine before this happened and from what i can tell everything else looks perfect on it. It will come with everything it came with stock minus the magazine. Instead i will throw in a TM m4 locap. I did not receive the original mag which is why it is not included. It will also include 2 custom type 97b batteries and a battery sling. This is well over $500 worth of stuff that i just want to get rid of without worrying about repairing it.

Asking $250 for this awesome package

Pictures will be up either this week or this weekend. Some guns are at my parents house and i will not be able to get there until this weekend. Please PM any questions about guns, or pricing.

Stdeda13 09-01-2011 09:41 AM

Pictures will be located here:

Some pictures are up, some are from previous owners. I am working on getting current pictures of all guns. Just waiting on my camera to charge.

Stdeda13 09-03-2011 09:13 AM

G36 20% off
JG Aug 10% off
G&G M4 $50 off
CA Vltor M4 $75 off
CA Aug Phantom 20% off
RS Type 56 $25 off
ICS Sig 551 10% off

Stdeda13 09-06-2011 10:14 PM

Bump. Willing to negotiate on prices.

RS Type 56-1 SOLD
CA Aug a1 Phantom SOLD

Stdeda13 09-09-2011 09:19 AM

Updated Prices: (everything still available)
RS Type 97B $250 with original box(also batteries, sling, etc)
CA M15a4 Vltor $325 with silencer and aimpoint
ICS Sig 551 $225 with original box
G&G M4 Troy $275 (real steel grip no longer for sale)
JG Aug A3 $150 with scope
CA G36 rifle $180

Stdeda13 09-12-2011 11:12 PM

RS Type 97B $250 with original box(also batteries, sling, etc)
CA M15a4 Vltor $325 with silencer and aimpoint
ICS Sig 551 $225 with original box
G&G M4 Troy $275 (real steel grip no longer for sale)
JG Aug A3 $150 with scope
CA G36 rifle $180

I want these gone. Real Sword Type 97B is packed up and ready to go. ALL GUNS ARE OBO

$200 shipped takes the Real Sword TODAY ONLY!!!

Stdeda13 09-18-2011 04:20 PM

CA M15a4 Vltor $300 with silencer and aimpoint
ICS Sig 551 $200 with original box + a BRAND NEW Elite Battery
G&G M4 Troy $250
JG Aug A3 $150 with scope
CA G36 rifle $180

I want these gone. I will upgrade all shipping to USPS Priority IF PURCHASED TODAY(9-18-11). Most prices are OBO and i am more than willing to make package deals.

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